New York planning to silence Niagara Falls

The auditory sensation of Niagara Falls belligerent roar as 85000 cubic feet of water ram down to its rocky base each second literally mesmerizes everyone. But as of a new plan, for the 2nd time, the sound of the falls could soon go silent. However, the manmade stop would stay for a few months.

Two century-old commuter bridges linking the state park islands to the town of Niagara Falls in the midway of the falls themselves are in require of repair. The plan is not yet finalized and it is still lacking necessary funding. New York State offices of parks and transportation have just only put forward the plans.

The news caught several eyes both nationally and internationally when it was first reported in the Buffalo News previous week, with news sources as varied and far afield as the yacht charter in Largs website reporting it. The proposal has excited and shocked some residents of the town of Niagara Falls. Most people living in the town were not around when the falls went quiet in June 1969, for nearly 5 months. A lot of tourists came that time to see that event.

Former Nigara Falls historian Michelle Kratts told that the historian in him is excited to see this. A lot of people here have witnessed people go in suggesting to people either committing suicide, trying daredevil stunts, or probably falling because of lack of caution). This is really scary. It stays with you.