New York Times Travel Show sees record turnout this year

With around 28500 attendees, the  New York Times Travel Show just saw its best yet turnout in the past 8 years, in 2015.

Well, the highly impressive attendance number showed a twenty percent increase compared to past year. In 2015, both trade attendees and consumer were high. The earlier one experienced a twenty-four percent jump from last year, when the latter went up by eleven percent this winter.

Also, the media was heavily involved in previous month’s 3-day show at Jacob Javits Center, with seven-hundred members on hand this year. Well, hundred and thirty of the more than five-hundred exhibitors from all across the world were making their NYT Travel Show debut at this year’s show.

Travel Show also welcomed just a few new speakers in 2015. The grand list added Paula Froelich, Yahoo Travel editor in chief, and Mark Wells, U.S. Dept. of State coordinator for Cuban Affairs, among others. There was a panel guided by TravelPulse’s James Shillinglaw.

As it stays to be seen whether the attendance would go on to soar in the year 2016, there is no doubt that this year’s numbers were extremely well for future of one of the premier events of the industry.

Meanwhile, the storm of the century it not really came — well, at least not in New York, where Gov. Cuomo took off travel bans on Tuesday morning and also declared the reopening of their subway system. He took off the roadway travel prohibition, in New York City, Nassau County as well as in many upstate counties.