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New York planning to silence Niagara Falls

The auditory sensation of Niagara Falls belligerent roar as 85000 cubic feet of water ram down to its rocky base each second literally mesmerizes everyone. But as of a new plan, for the 2nd time, the sound of the falls could soon go silent. However, the manmade stop would stay for a few months.

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New York airports set travel records

The Port Authority airports crossed overall passenger records previous year with 111.6 million flight passengers, stated the agency on Monday. Before the recession, the last traveler record set for Port Authority came in the year 2007 when it saw 1.5 million fewer fliers compared to 2013.

This year, they broke their own record. Kennedy Airport, this year, had a record fifty million annual passengers, that includes a record twenty six million international visitors. LaGuardia Airport recorded 1.6 million international fliers.

In the mean time, trams and trains in cities across the world were awash with briefs and bare legs earlier on Sunday as pranksters traveled without pants for thirteenth annual No Pants Subway Ride. Daily commuters in Hong Kong, Beijing and Sydney braved public transport without pants in the stunt that has gone global since its 1st staging by United States group Improv Everywhere in New York in the year 2002.

12 years ago just 7 people participated in the very first No Pants Subway Ride but now thousands in major cities across the world took part in what organizers call as a celebration of silliness.
Before the Sydney ride, the organizers told that if questioned, you do not know any of the other pant less riders. Tell folks that you forgot to wear pants. Insist that it is a coincidence that others also forgot their trousers. Be nice, friendly and remain calm.

Rutgers Opera goes to New York

Every piece of scenery, costume and prop must fit in a vehicle; the singers have to cope up with an unfamiliar setting, the place where the occasional clink of silverware substitutes the opera house traditions people are used to.

When Rutgers Opera Institute makes its debut in New York at the Le Poisson Rouge along with a performance of The Rape of Lucretia, the school would celebrate a brand new program as well as offer students important experience. But this would not be very easy.

Pamela Gilmore, the director and producer told that they were expecting that bringing the event to New York City would bring more interest to the institute. It offers their singers a level of exposure they might not get in New Jersey and also a level of scrutiny that is going to be higher.

This is far from very first time when arias have been listened at Greenwich Village nightclub, earlier known as Village Gate. Still, the place offers a brand new scope for the student singers. Playing as a part of education shows an altering opera ambiance in which singers must anticipate their careers to have performances on unconventional or small stages. Gilmore told that they require to be more flexible than earlier.

Lucretia would also be performed at the Rutgers on Saturday and this is a part of an industry-wide, ongoing celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the composer’s birth.